A couple of new papers

I haven’t been as active in adding papers recently – I collected a fair number during my time at NESCent, and I’ve been more focused on getting something to work and starting to work through the curation backlog.  Nevertheless, I added a couple of papers on spontaneous male death in different groups of spiders today (Schwartz et al. 2013 and Foellmer and Fairbairn 2003).  At least in the Fishing spiders studied by Schwartz, the situation is more a case of self incapacitation which facilitates post-mating cannibalism than immediate death as a result of copulation.  I went ahead and pushed these to the Mendeley group – apparently the first update to the group in over a year.  I need to do something about that.

On the software side, updated database query methods so the existing unit tests will work (mostly related to the schema change from term_usage to assertion).


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