Putting reasoning in the right place (not the frontend)

Spent some time this evening refining the handling of participants and their display on the assertion entry page.  It looks like this is getting close to the point where the owl builder tool will need some attention so that assertions can actually pass through the chain from arachadmin to the online knowledge-base.

I realized this afternoon that spending much time worrying about inference in the arachadmin (frontend) tool was wasted – reasoning should be reserved mostly for the owl builder, which uses OWLAPI and a reasoner (haven’t decided which yet), and to a lesser extent, the Sesame server on the web server.  There is a bit of reasoning, or more properly filtering, in the frontend to keep junk or out of scope terms out of the drop-down lists, but deciding which subsumers (parents) of used terms should be included in the knowledge base is more properly done with a full reasoner, rather than graph traversal hacks in python.

I’ve noticed a few people have stumbled on this blog or the arachnolingua front page – thanks for having a look.  Meanwhile, I work towards finishing the gaps in the workflow so I can start sharing the wealth of spider behavior I’ve collected (and don’t worry, other arachnids will be represented as well).



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