It’s Spider Monday; no pretty pictures, but lots of database work

I’ve been focusing on the frontend Arachadmin webapp for several months, and now that I can, albeit slowly, add assertions that annotate behavior descriptions, it’s time to pay some more attention to generating OWL files.  Although there are still several housekeeping tasks (e.g., updating the OWLAPI and other libraries), I focused on how the database has changed recently.  The most important changes were adding code for loading Term beans (objects) from the term table as well as starting support for loading ontology files into the OWL tool.  Loading the support ontologies into the backend will allow full access to a reasoner to support filtering terms and axioms for inclusion in the final knowledgebase.  There are a number of support tables – those that define domains and authorities that were necessary for meaningfully loading terms that were loaded as well.  One of the drivers for adding support for these secondary tables so quickly was getting the testing framework setup for terms and support ontologies, both of which refer to the set of domains (e.g., taxonomy, anatomy, behavior) defined in the database and assigned to each term and support ontology.  This also mean that the test database needed to be updated to more closely reflect the schema structure in the working arachadmin database.  The updated test database has been uploaded to github.  As usual, I will upload updates of the full working database to dropbox and figshare.

Note: I’ve just published the arachadmin export on figshare.  If I understand how this works, this data now has a permanent (across future revisions) identifier, namely this.


Needless to say, I did enjoy the many #SpiderMonday photos people tweeted today.  My arthropod photography skills are gradually improving, maybe another season and I’ll have something to share.


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