Where are the spiders?

Some readers may be wondering why a blog titled arachnolingua has so little about spiders, to say nothing about the numerous other arachnids (you know: mites, ticks,  scorpions, harvestmen, etc.)   It’s true, this has been all about databases and OWL and website building – where’s the behavior and the beasties.  Well, those will have to wait until I have the infrastructure put together enough to start serious curation.  I have a nice collection of literature already collected and there is some curated data that is making it’s way into the database, though I’ve been cautious in case something breaks before things settle down.  There is some curated information up on the website – if you go to the testing page, and hit the ‘list all publications’ button, it will display a table with identifiers for the 559 publications already in the database.  If you scroll down, about half-way through the list, you’ll start seeing doi’s – feel free to check them out.  The other publications need arachb identifiers as they don’t seem to have doi’s.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for spider behavior, have a look at Spiderbytes, a new blog by Catherine Scott, which so far is turning out to be a nice mix of natural history and taxonomy.


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