Almost there

I am happy to report that after two weeks I’ve updated the arachnolingua pages in a meaningful way.  I have switched to a java servlet based backend rather than just trying to make queries work with javascript and a SPARQL endpoint.  The ‘ethogram’ form on the front page now does something, though it isn’t an ethogram yet – it calls the taxon service which will return a JSON string that is then translated into a table listing the OBO purl based on the NCBI identifier for the taxon whose name is typed into the ethogram box.  All Arachnids known to NCBI (at least up to a year ago) will produce a table in response (as will nodes subsuming Arachnida, such as Metazoa).  The test page has been trimmed to reflect queries that are relevant in the new environment – so taxon and publication services are tested and the resulting tables displayed.  Also have a look at the ‘About’ page, as it contains a sort of ‘Easter egg’ – where the first behavior annotations will appear, which should be shortly – they are already in the knowledge base up on the server.


Like the first strands that lead to an web, here are the first links from annotation to application and API support.  I hope you will find this web useful.


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