A detour

Things have been a bit quiet around here recently.  Unfortunately, this has not been because of an amazing bout of productivity.  Two weeks ago I broke and dislocated my left humerus when I feel off an obstacle during a ‘mud run.’  Last week’s surgery appears to have been successful, but I stlll have months of recovery and PT ahead.  This hasn’t stopped me in my tracks (well, I won’t be running or driving for a while), but progress will be a bit slower.  I will still be coming to the Evolution meetings in Raleigh next month, as well as Animal Behavior in August and I did get some curation in over the past weekend.


In the meantime, here are a couple of practice shots of a jumper I took Saturday (single handed with an iPod and a clip-on macro lens).  I assume this is either Phiddipus or Paraphiddipus, but what’s going on with the abdomen in the second shot.  Looks like it could be a moult, but crawling around on a banister in the open seems like a strange place to be moulting.  Any thoughts readers?







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