A quiet interlude as I gut part of Arachadmin

Things have been quiet around here.  This is mostly due to several work projects, continuing the rehab from the fall I took in May and continuing work on the claim editor in Arachadmin (the database editor).  There is a new interface for working with participants (e.g., some leg of some Tetragnatha, or left leg I of a particular Habronattus californicus).  All the terms and individuals involved in a claim now appear as nodes in a graph displayed with d3.  There are still some missing pieces in the graph, so nothing to share yet.  I am pushing changes to this branch, so things are progressing.

Pending these changes, which will resolve the problems that cropped up in preparation for iEvoBio last summer, the arachnolingua site has remained unchanged, through I continue to monitor it.


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