Quick update

It’s been a couple of months, but if you look over at github, you’ll see a merge that represents the (more or less for now) completion of a major overhaul to the claim editor in arachadmin.  Since the claim editor is the page that allows the curator to construct annotations for behavioral events or assertions, it’s effectively the heart of arachnolingua.  In brief, the interface has changed from a ‘wizard like’ form where the curator would specify a taxon, a body part and optionally a substrate, to something closer to a graph that represents the final OWL class expression.  I think this was the right way to handle getting individuals into claim expressions properly.  It also should make for a better curation experience, and allowed me to play with displaying graphics with d3.

This is not the final word on this update – there will be pictures in a follow-up post.  Meanwhile, it’s time to review the state of the backend and what needs to be added to capture the redesign that’s occurred in the database.


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