Busy at work on OWLBuilder

I’ve been continuing to implement OWL generation (this morning OWL individuals in claims) after a detour to update the tool to use OWLAPI 4.0.  It’s starting to look like I’ll need to add some axioms to make a couple of the loaded ontologies behave properly.  In particular, there are ontologies that define a ‘part_of’ property that needs to be mapped to the one defined in BFO.   I may need to insert some parents for some spider anatomy (SPD) terms, since there are appropriate parents (e.g., not OWL:Thing) defined in Uberon.  These are all things that will hopefully be addressed in the appropriate ontologies at some points – arachnolingua is supposed to be about capturing data using ontologies, and doing ontology development (or patching) only as a last resort.


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