Major changes, more to come

There are some major changes up at Arachnolingua.  Queries for behavior events that occur as part of narratives is working, though not the way I think, upon reflection, they should, so expect some more changes (hint: narratives have ARACHB uri’s and will be getting their own pages).  There are also 404 and server error pages that show more than the generic messages from Apache Tomcat.  I’ve also upgraded the version of Bootstrap, the javascript/css library that defines a lot of the look and feel.  The font and other changes are a small but noticeable improvement and if you look in the upper left, you can actually make out the spider on the dictionary.  Finally, Arachnolingua has a server upgrade (I’ve moved up to an aws t2-small instance and put the t1-micro out to pasture).

Lots more to change, and then a wider announcement before the end of Arachtober.


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