What hasn’t changed

Arachnolingua is still still up, still serving pages under https.  Otherwise, there hasn’t been a lot of visible work – there have been some updates on the spider behavior list of terms.  Happily, things seem be moving on the NBO – after Anne Clark and I pushed some changes from the ABO into NBO in the fall of 2017, things stayed put until recently, now someone working under David Osumi-Sutherland has been getting some updates into the ontology and updated its build process.  I’m glad someone has been in a position to do something about this.

Behind the scenes, I’m still working on the curation tool, a fair amount of reworking and backtracking has happened and the database model is rather more OWL-like than it was.  That isn’t necessarily a good thing, but it’s where things are going and it hopefully will be easier to understand than the participant-element abstraction I had used previously.

All for now.


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