Website down

The AWS server I host on died on Wednesday.  It did seem to be a slow death, it was completely unavailable within hours of Amazon notifying me.   I tried to capture images from the EBS volume but the image I created didn’t boot.  So I’m rebuilding from scratch.  I have all the data stored locally, but I am taking the opportunity to update some of the software (Linux to Ubuntu 16.04, Apache to 2.4, Java to 8, Sesame to rdf4j 2).  I’m sticking with Tomcat7 on the backend, though I should probably do some experimenting with Tomcat8 since it claims to be easier to manage.  I will definitely make an image once everything is in place.  There’s a first time for everything and this is my first catastrophic failure on AWS.  Live and learn.

I’m working toward having things back up in the coming week.




ABS 2015

Still traveling – left for Alaska on June 3, attended Animal Behavior Society 2015 meeting 10-14 June, stop over in California then on my way to the American Arachnological Society meeting starting on the 19th.  As usual, Schizocosa was somewhat overrepresented (not just the Uetz and Hebets labs), but widows and tarantulas (African) were also represented.  I also gave a talk, which reviewed the poster results from last year and provided (I hope) motivation for the implementation course I have taken for individuals and narratives.  You can find it here.

Meanwhile, lots of work on OwlBuilder, but things aren’t ready to move on to an update to the web presence.  I do have a new AWS server in reserve for this however.