An Arachnolingua Glossary

Arachadmin – A tool to support annotation of behavior descriptions.  It does this by maintaining a database of publications, assertions, and participants.  It is implemented in python (using web2py) and currently uses mysql as its database.  The SQL database is also called arachadmin.

Claim – a statement that a behavior event occurred (when the participant are individuals) or describing a collection of behavior events (when the participants are specified as members of a class).  Assertions associate behavior terms with participants (including substrates as well as active agents) and part of a publication.  (Changed from assertion to reduce confusion with the OWL notion of assertion)

Owlbuilder – a tool that generates a owl file and supporting html pages from an arachadmin database.  It is implemented in java and uses the OWLAPI and a (TBD) reasoner.

Publication – a reference to an external source, generally, but not necessarily a published work with an associated identifier (e.g., DOI).  Assertions are annotations of a portion of text (or other data) that is part of a publication.



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