Javascript meets SPARQL

So there is a test page for the triple store (‘knowledge base’) backing the arachnolingua site.  It’s not very pretty, but it does demonstrate the functionality I’m learning in the process of getting javascript to talk with the sesame server.  I learned last night that, in addition to xml and json, sesame can also return query results in a binary format.  I don’t know javascript well enough to process that yet, but json is easy enough, so there is now a table (using ajax, but not very well generated) that lists the ids of publications I’ve loaded.  This list (559 entries) is everything that was in the spreadsheet I transferred to the arachadmin database.  The ids are a mix of doi’s (when I could find them) and arachb identifiers (the similarity with OBO‘s purls is deliberate).

It’s probably time to switch back to the owlbuilder end as that’s the only way any more content is going to make its way in the online triple store.



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